NPUST and KMU Hold Strategic Alliance Achievements Publication and Matchmaking Event

National Pingtung University of Science and Technology and Kaohsiung Medical University have been engaged in substantial cooperation since first signing a strategic alliance agreement in 2020. Since then, they have jointly researched and proposed themes for projects, expanding from the original scope of agricultural and medical technology to such fields as engineering and humanities. In order to present some of the fruitful and diverse achievements of their work, on February 10th, the “NPUST and KMU 2022 Achievement Publication and Matchmaking Event” was held at the NPUST Humanities Lecture Hall.

At the event, NPUST’s Vice-president for Academic Affairs, Shui-Jen Chen, made some remarks, pointing out that “with the aging of the world’s population, various countries have been pursuing the development of ‘precision health industries’. In the future, our cooperation will set out from such areas as agriculture, forestry, fisheries and animal husbandry, leisure sports, social work, the environment, ecology, care for vulnerable groups, place making, and wildlife conservation. We hope that through the combination of “precision health” and “precision medicine”, we can promote cooperation between the two universities and make progress for the precision health industry.”

KMU’s Provost, Shyng-Shiou Yuan, said “after signing a strategic alliance, our two schools have launched further cooperation, hoping to combine the featured areas of research from both sides and enhance our research capacity. The aim is to integrate and share relevant R&D resources and promote more industry-government-academia cooperation opportunities. Meanwhile, we will work to cultivated the type of talent that industry needs and give impetus to the comprehensive development of Taiwan’s medical research and surrounding featured industries”.

The achievements that were showcased at the current event covered a total of 11 project themes which applied to such areas as “Agriculture and Medicine Technology”, “Engineering”, and “Humanities”. Some of the results which were presented have already been published in professional journals or are under application for patents or National Science Council subsidies. For the matchmaking part of the program, exchanges were proposed based on 15 topics, including “Air Pollution”, “Technological Exercise Product Design for the Elderly ” and “Precisions Environmental Medicine”. Hopes are to create more opportunities for cooperation and allow teachers from both schools to team up on research projects and concert their efforts towards publishing high-quality research papers and securing large-scale research grants.