Information Security Policy Announcement

Welcome to「The NPUST Website」(referred to below as “the website”); In order to let you use the website with peace of mind, below we are making explicit our information security policy:

Appropriate Use
● The security policy outlined here applies to the school’s website and the information you enter and it collects, it does not apply to other websites you might visit while you are on campus and does not apply to websites that are linked to our website.
● When you click on the links of other websites, they all have their own privacy and security policies, and are totally unrelated to ours. This website is not responsible in any part for those policies.

Collection and Use of Personal Information
● The website records normal browsing activity, including the user’s IP address, time, browser used and the information pages looked at; this information stays within the school system and will not be publicized.
● The information collected by the website is used only for research purposes related to improving the quality of the service provided by the website. It measures website use in aggregate and does not analyze individual behavior.。
● Apart from responding to specific queries, the managers of the website will not send any e-mails to users. If you receive e-mail advertisements or other junk mail, please accept our apologies and realize that this is outside of our control and we cannot take responsibility for it.

Website Security Measures and Regulations
In order to ensure that the website can protect all of the users of its service, we offer the following security measures:
● We use a website hacker-sensing system, monitor the number of users on the website, and routinely look for any suspicious activity on the website.
● We use a firewall to defend against unwanted intrusions, malware or theft of personal information. This helps protect the rights of users.
● We use software that defends against viruses and malware, using routine checks to offer a safer browsing environment.
● We conduct routine checks for weak points, and take appropriate protective measures.
● We update our software to close loopholes,and install the program(PATCH), which protects against illegal behavior and heightens security.
● We perform unscheduled tests that mimic attacks from hackers, testing the response from our system to ensure the highest level of protection possible.
● We perform backup operations every day, backing up all our information on an auxiliary drive.
The websites main drives are all protected by firewalls, anti-virus software, and we take every measure to protect the security of all the information stored in the system. All of the employees who come in contact with the information stored in the system are prohibited by contract from making it public; should any of them break that contract, they will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. However, because processes involved in the information you send or receive through the system, we are unable to ensure its total security and you are advised to use caution whenever you use the internet.

Information Security Protection Policy Amendments
Occasionally the security policies adopted by the website will have to be updated in order to keep up with the most current regulations. When that happens, we will be sure to keep you informed and give you the links explaining the content of the changes.

Information about the security policies
If you have any questions or concerns about our information security policies, please feel free to contact us.