Brief History


NPUST was established as the “Kaohsiung State Pingtung Extension School of Agriculture” in the 13th year of the Taishō period during the Japanese Colonial Era (1924). In 1954, after the nationalists (KMT) had taken over the rule of Taiwan from the Japanese, the school was renamed as the Taiwan Provincial Institute of Agriculture. At that time, it was among the best of Taiwan’s vocational schools, training countless elites and becoming a foundation for Taiwan’s economic boom.

In 1991, the school reorganized to become a vocational college and, together with the National Taiwan Institute of Technology, was among the top two technical institutions of higher learning in the country. In 1997 the vocational college was upgraded to a university of science and technology, and occupied a leading position among vocational education institutions in Taiwan.

In 1990, the school campus was relocated to a vast 298 hectare property in Neipu Township next to Dawu Mountain and the Donggang
River. Ranked top in the nation, the campus has earned NPUST the reputation of “National Park University” and provides an excellent place for students to cultivate their skills and personal qualities while
strengthening their bodies and minds—it is also an ideal place for faculty members to carry out their research and educational activities.