NPUST Promotes Water and Soil Conservation at County Level Activity

NPUST Department of Water and Soil Conservation Director, Jie-Lun Chiang, together with 4 university and master students represented the university at a county-level water and soil conservation publicity event. The “2023 Environmental Disaster Prevention Warrior PK – County & City Cup” held in conjunction with the “2022 Annual Environmental Disaster Prevention Education Achievements Exhibition” took place at the Pingtung County Stadium on March 2nd, 2023, beginning at 9:00 AM. Relevant environmental and disaster prevention education information was presented to visitors and experiential activities were used to promote interest in the topics. By showcasing the results of cooperation between environmental education and disaster prevention education organizations in Pingtung County, hopes are to encourage greater levels of cooperation between related units and spread more in-depth knowledge on relevant areas of research.

On the day of the event, the team from NPUST set up a small-scale version of the “Soil and Water Conservation Outdoor Classroom”, which is normally set up on the university campus. They used games, such as the “electric touch maze” and “memory flip”, to help the primary school visitors learn about soil and water conservation, and introduce people to the features of the NPUST Outdoor Soil and Water Conservation Classroom. The activities also gave the university an opportunity to share with the public about the importance of soil and water conservation.

The Pingtung County Government called together 43 related units to set up booths at the event. Themes included disaster education, environment education, and national defense education. As students made their rounds, they swiped “check point” cards to rack up points for each activity they took part in. Once they earned the quota, they could turn in their points for promotional products for some added encouragement.