NPUST and MOHW Pingtung Hospital Sign Strategic Alliance

In recent years, the demand for talent in the health industry has been on the rise and the Taiwan government has working to promote development in long-term care and the health industries.

In order to further such objective, on May 27th, National Pingtung University of Science and Technology and the MOHW Pingtung entered into a strategic alliance, with the university president, Chang-Hsien Tai, and the hospital president, Jaw-Yuan Wang, signing the agreement into effect. Based on the strengths of each party, plans are to development various industry-academic projects, conduct joint research, hold results publications, and provide internships for students. The activities will strengthen the exchange and cooperation between the two parties and help promote industry development and talent training.

NPUST President said “development at NPUST has agriculture science and technology as its foundation, and the university’s colleges of engineering, management, humanities & social sciences, international studies, and veterinary medicine have an abundance of resources. In recent years, one of NPUST’s key approaches to development has been the promotion of cooperation with various industries. Through this current industry-academic strategic alliance, the two parties will be able to jointly formulate research projects and transfer research results to the industry to be used more broadly. This will help health industries to develop and improve quality. We also hope that with the expertise of Pingtung Hospital in areas of medical treatment, we will be able to cooperate on curriculum development for teachers of medicine and allow students to learn knowledge and practical skills from the heath industry. Aslo, with the wealth of resources that our various colleges have available, we welcome colleagues from the hospital to the university for advanced and cross-discipline studies in their off-time.

Hospital president Jaw-Yuan Wang said “we hope that with the signing of this strategic alliance, we will be able to integrate the most professional resources of NPUST’s various departments, so that heath and care industries will be able to experience greater development and innovation. Also, at present, many medical treatments are determined based on clinical symptoms and there is no actual scientific data to use for verification. For this reason, we hope that through cooperation NPUST, data-base technology can be used to conduct verification and increase medical industry reliability. Currently, “Precision Health” is becoming and industry trend, and in the future we expect we will be able to use AI technology to assist physicians with various medical diagnoses. We also hope to initiate more comprehensive medical development in Pingtung and set a new benchmark for industry-university cooperation in Pingtung County.”

Industry-university cooperation has become an important mechanism for cultivating industry talent. The cooperation between Pingtung University and Pingtung Hospital will provide more opportunities for local students to receive comprehensive training. And hopes are that after their studies they will stick around and continue to serve the people in the Pingtung area.