NPUST Takes 15 Medals at National Intercollegiate Athletic Games

The 2022 National Intercollegiate Athletic Games kept to the original schedule and were held at the National Sports University om Taoyuan from May 7~11. This year, once again, NPUST enjoyed strong performances and was honored to take home 6 gold, 1 silver, 8 bronze medals. In addition to these, NPUST’s athletes also placed between 4th and 8th place 30 times. For the total medal count, NPUST ranked 19th among the 135 participating colleges and universities—and 10th overall, for non-sports-specific colleges. A total of 108 athletes represented the university this year, with 10 different sports teams competing in track and field, swimming, badminton, billiards, tennis, judo, taekwondo, wrestling, woodball and cycling.

Among the participating teams, NPUST’s billiards competitors saw the most dazzling performances, winning 3 golds, 3 bronzes, 1 fourth and 1 fifth place ranking. This included a 1st place win for the general men’s group championship and a 3rd place victory in the general women’s group championship. Holding up to expectations, the general men’s group was able to fend off National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University and win the championship for a 3rd consecutive year.

In the fourth round of the general men’s doubles, with a 5-10 disadvantage, De-yue Lu of the Department of Biomechatronics and Yi-Hsian Chen of Recreational Sport & Health Promotion were able to stabilize their footings and reversed the situation. Finally, they overcame the fierce competition of Tsing Hua University for a 17-15 win that earned them the gold medal. In the same event, Youling Yan of the Department of Food Science and Ching-yang Lin of the Department of Plant Industry took home the bronze.
In the general men’s division, Jia-hong He of the Department of Biomechatronics also put up a valiant fight to win the singles championship, and in the general mixed doubles group, Wanhua Lu from Recreational Sport & Health Promotion and Yunhong Han from Biomechatronics secured the bronze.

On the judo and wrestling front, the NPUST team also performed brilliantly, winning 3 golds and 1 seventh place ranking. Among these, Yu-sheng Peng of the Department of Tropical Agriculture won the championship titles in both the general men’s level-three freestyle wrestling and level-three judo. In the general men’s level-six judo competition, Bai-you Kuo from Biomecharonics took the gold in the round-robin.

Out on the track and field, the NPUST team won 1 silver, 1 bronze, 1 fourth place, 1 sixth place, 1 seventh place and 1 eighth place for their efforts. Among these, Hsin-hong Shen a javelin thrower in the general men’s group, just missed the medals last year, coming in 4th place. This year, the student of Recreational Sport & Health demonstrated solid improvement in his performance and was able to take home the silver. Meanwhile, Yu-an Chen of Department of Plant Industry won the bronze medal in his first test at triple jump in the general men’s group.

NPUST’s Taekwondo team won 2 bronze medals and ranked between 4th and 6th in 8 events. Chi-Hsiu Yan and Chunghuan Chi from the Recreation & Heath Promotion together with Zhu Chen-guang Chu of the Department of Soil and Water Conservation demonstrated their best tacit understanding in three years and won the bronze medal in the general men’s group Poomsae competition. Guan-wei Li of the Graduate Institute of Biotechnology fought in the 53kg division of the general women’s taekwondo group, and despite suffering from an injury, gave it her best and came out with a bronze medal win.

The Woodball team also took home 2 bronze medals. In her final year, Peizhen Lin of the Department of Civil Engineering was able to reach the finals in the open women’s woodball individual group and after playing a steady match on the last day of the competition, she secured herself a bronze medal. Meanwhile, Tzu-ling Yang from Hotel & Restaurant Management, Yu-ting Chiu, Zhiwei Li and Huiling Wang from Business Administration, Ya-ching Chang from Environmental Engineering and Ching-Yu Hsie from Child Care worked hard under the hot sun to win third place in the general women’s team competition and bring home another bronze for the school.

NPUST is grateful to all its athletes, who, despite the ongoing pandemic, did not shy back and gave it their all to win honor for the university. Congratulations to all the teams for your excellent performances!