Library Hosts “Centennial University Writers’ Lecture Series”

With this year marking NPUST’s 100th anniversary, the university’s Library and Exhibition Hall has organized a special series of activities to inspire students about reading and creativity. Expanding on the “Jingsi Lake Literary Awards”, which are held regularly during the semester, additional cultural activities organized for the 100th anniversary include the “Centennial University Writers’ Lecture Series”, “Literary Parfait: The 8th Jingsi Lake Literary Awards”, “Centennial Play IN: ∞Special Screening Room”, and an additional 17 sub-series activities.

As part of the program, on March 14th, the well-known writer Wu Xiaole was invited to the school to share on the topic of “Creation as Life and Work”. Overall, the lecture series will include 6 sessions, with each session bringing in a well-known writer to share face-to-face with students on his/her creative process. On March 18th, a “∞Special Screening Room Post-screening Discussion” was held, with author and school alumnus “Wu Sheng” invited to serve as panelist. With a rich and diverse line up of activities, the organizers look forward to providing faculty and students on campus with a chance to experience the beauty of literature.

For the first lecture, following an introduction by Associate Professor Han-chang Fu of the Center for General Education, Wu Xiaole shared on “Creation as Life and Work”. In her talk, the author introduced the students to the workings of the content industry, and explained the relationship between creators and professionals from the surrounding fields. She also gave examples of novels which had their copyrights purchased for film and television production purposes. Using her own experiences as examples, Wu Xiaole’s humorous tone and intimate understanding of modern youth kept the students absorbed in the lecture. She also encouraged students to be confident in their writing, and extended a call for them to submit entries for the Jingsi Lake Literary Awards. At the end of the lecture, a Q&A was held, and each of the five student who snatched up the opportunity to ask a question was presented with a signed copy of one of the author’s books.