Great Giant Donates Vstitcher Software to Fashion Department

The chairman of Great Giant Fibre Garment Co., Ltd. has spared no effort when it comes cultivating the professional abilities of students at the NPUST Department of Fashion Design and Management. Previously donating 42 sets of Optitex pattern making and 3D simulation teaching software in 2016, he has kept pace with the times. This year, looking to introduce some new technology, he donated 21 sets of Vstitcher 3D clothing simulation software, which was installed on the computers at the NPUST Department of Fashion Design and Management for teaching and practical training. On March 18th, a donation ceremony was held at the College of Management, during which time NPUST President Chin-Lung Chang accepted the donation on behalf of the school. Great Giant Chairman Kung-Jen Hsu, College of Management Vice-Dean Deng-Neng Chen, Fashion Department Director Wei-her Hsieh, and other representatives of the university and Great Giant were in attendance.

President Chin-Lung Chang delivered a speech at the ceremony, saying “the fashion industry is an industry that is constantly changing and developing— and always working to maintain the cutting-edge. In order to better train our students and enable them to meet the challenges of this fiercely competitive market, we are committed to promoting diversified and integrated education, and so we are grateful to Great Giant for its many generous donations. This donation is more than a donation of advanced software, but is also about the creation of valuable cooperation and internship opportunities for our students, so that they will be able to learn practical skills in a real working environment”. Great Giant Chairman Kung-Jen Hsu said “I hope that students can make the most of their studies at school and apply what they have learned in the future. I also hope that this software will provide everyone with an effective learning experience. Once you have enriched yourselves during your time at school, you will be able to successfully enter the market.”

Currently the industry’s leading 3D clothing software, VStitcher was developed by the American company Browzwear. This advanced technology allows designers to create patterns, then have virtual mannequins “try on” the clothes. The process saves a lot of time and money by reducing the need to source materials and make samples of designs which might turn out less than ideal. The program can also be combined with other software to simplify design processes, improve quality and creativity and also take manufacturing processes into consideration.

Over the years, Great Giant has maintained a close industry-university relationship with the NPUST Department of Fashion Design, and many of the school’s outstanding alumni have gone on to work for Great Giant after graduation. Together, they are working to promote the talent in Southern Taiwan, and help it keep up with the North. Cooperating with Associate Professor Wei-Chen Chen, they are also working to integrate professional skills into the curriculum and develop teaching materials which will help cultivate the students’ expertise in clothing design.