Fashion Design Department Puts on “Cross-Border Exploration” Exhibition

The Department of Fashion Design and Management closed off 2022 with the launching of their annual Graduation Achievements Exhibition and is ushering in 2023 with a second presentation, entitled “Cross-Border Exploration”. Department Director Wei-her Hsieh organized the showing, which was held on January 5th, to present works of students from a variety of different design courses and levels of learning. The goal was to give students an opportunity to observe and learn from each other and also to build new relationships.

Director Wei-her Hsieh delivered a speech at the opening, saying “through the final works exhibition, we can enhance our students’ thinking towards design and creativity. This exhibition is divided into both dynamic and static works sections where students can display their fashion creativity and imagination as they combine different elements in an amazing presentation. The joint exhibition of final works will not only allow students to learn from and encourage each other, but will also help stimulate limitless sparks of creativity”.

In the exhibition, students from a third-year “Clothing Composition” course taught by Wei-Chen Chen presented the results of their coat production, while those in Director Wei-her Hsieh’s “Fabric Dyeing” course showed off their dyeing skills. Hsiu-Tsu Chen’s students of “Special Effects Painting Design and Practice” displayed their talent in painting and mask design, and students of her “Cultural Experience Commercial Product Making” mini course exhibited the beauty of hometown-themed pencil case design. In the dynamic “catwalk” section, sophomores from Shu-Fang Huang’s “Fashion Design” course demonstrated their capabilities in clothing design, and freshmen from Cheng Yueh Shen’s “Hairstyle and Styling Practice” course showcased their creativity in hair design.

The exhibition was originally planned to take place before the 2022 summer beak, but due to epidemic concerns, many courses went online, and the show was delayed by half a year. Finally, with strong support from the teachers, the joint show came to fruition, giving students a chance to learn from each other and find extra motivation to put their creative skills to practice.