O-TA Precision Donates Carbon Fiber Bikes for Sports Development

O-TA Precision Industry Co., Ltd. has donated 5 carbon fiber bicycles and NT$ 600,000 to National Pingtung University of Science and Technology (NPUST) to be use for educational development. A ceremony was held on December 30th, 2022 to recognize the donation, with NPUST President Chin-Lung Chang, O-TA chairman Kung-Wen Li and a many university representatives present to witness the occasion.

NPUST President Chin-Lung Chang said “O-TA has been cooperating closely with NPUST for many years. In the past, the O-TA research lab cooperated with our Department of Mechanical Engineering on golf clubs, and in 2006, O-TA donated NT$300,000 to the representative soccer team. Now they are donating five carbon fiber off-road bicycles to the school. In the future we hope that cooperation between the two parties will be continuous and that through exchange we can further our experience and technology”. O-TA chairman said “O-TA operates out of the Neipu Industrial Park, and, for many years I have been serving as a consultant to NPUST and as a committee member on related committees. I am very concerned with trends and developments in education. At the end of the year, and the beginning of Chin-Lung Chang’s term as president, we are donating five carbon fiber bicycles to the school. The bike design can be used for city riding and for off-road exploration. The multi-functional design can be used for training at the school and for strengthening the skills of athletes”.

NPUST is dedicated to training interdisciplinary talent and it emphasizes the acquisition of professional skills in multiple areas of expertise, including in the area of sports. This year, the school’s cycling team competed in a “Bicycle Omnium” for the first time and won the fifth place. It is not only necessary to have a strong physique, but also to have a firm mind and unremitting drive to win in the sports arena. Now, with the assistance of various sports technologies, break-throughs are being made in training methods and new philosophies are being adopted. Good methods and practices in the manufacturing world are also important for students to get acquainted with. O-TA is dedicated to quality design, and in the past its products have been repeatedly recognized in the Taiwan Excellence Awards. In particular, their VOLANDO bicycle series has been named at the awards for 10 consecutive years.

Working together, NPUST and O-TA will be a powerful force for the development of sports technology in a variety of areas. The relationship will not only help the school train excellent cyclists, but will also help with the cultivation of students in other disciplines—whether it is athletic development or structural engineering, the students will now have more resources to draw on and more opportunity to hone their skills.