NPUST Presents AI and Aeronautics at 2022 Taiwan Science Festival

From November 5th to 11th (2022), the “3rd Taiwan Science Festival” made its rounds at a number of different locations, including the National Museum of Marine Biology, National Taiwan Science Education Center, National Science and Technology Museum, National Museum of Natural Science, and National Museum of Marine Science and Technology. The event was jointly sponsored by the Ministry of Education and the National Science and Technology Council and gave focus to “Drawing a Blueprint for Environmental Sustainability”.

The team from NPUST, which was led by former NPUST president Chang-Hsien Tai, Professor Hudson Hsu, and Professor Ting-Fu Hong arranged a variety of science activities at the National Science and Technology Museum in Kaohsiung. “Industry 4.0 Artificial Intelligence” and “Aeronautical Science” were the main axes of their exhibition, which introduced visitors to AI applications in industry, principles of aeronautics, and the extreme flexibility, shape-memory and biocompatibility of titanium alloy. In addition to being entertaining and educational, the event gave the public a glimpse into some of the mysteries of science.

This year, 15 colleges and universities organized a total of 31 diverse, innovative, and interesting science booths to show the world ways in which people use science to overcome challenges and build happy and sustainable societies.