Associating for the Future: NPUST Student Association Expo Returns

On September 25th, the NPUST Student Association and student clubs from around the university came together for the “2022 Associating for the Future: NPUST Student Association Expo”. An opening ceremony was held on the square in front of the IH Building, with NPUST President Chin-Lung Chang, Chief Secretary Wen-Ling Shih, Dean of Student Affairs Shu-twu Wang, head of the Extracurricular Activities Section Chia-En Yang and Chair of the Student Association Hui-Ting Hsie jointly opening the event.

In his address, President Chin-Lung Chang said, “because of the epidemic, last year, this activity did not take place. This year, we hope to carry on the tradition of the Student Association Expo by hosting a grand installment of it. When students enter university, in addition to academic pursuits, it is also very important for them to develop their hobbies of interest. The friends they make while interacting with others in student associations may even turn into entrepreneurial partners in the future. And through participation in activities, students can discover their extracurricular interests and get access to more resources. We hope that all students will take advantage of this opportunity to gain an understanding of the special features our school’s different student societies. There are also many stalls set up with delicious foods, so we hope miss out –and we expect you all will have a very wonderful time this evening.”

Student clubs from around the whole school participated in the expo, setting up display booths, putting on stage performances and selling snacks and treats to visitors. The event provided students, teachers, and even community residents from outside the school with a nice time of interaction to enjoy. Student associations, teams, departmental societies, and foreign student associations were all represented at the expo by such clubs as the NPUST Hip Hop Street Dance Club, Wind Band of NPUST, Polar Lights Performing Arts Club, Etiquette Ambassadors, Indigenous Research Club, Indonesian Association, and many more. Visitors had a chance to learn about over 30 different clubs, both big and small, and enjoy wonderful evening performances by 14 of them.

After a hiatus last year, in 2022, the decision was made to hold expo as a physical event again this year. The President of Student Association, Hui-Ting Hsie, said, “last year, because of the pandemic, we didn’t have a choice. We had to use an online format if we wanted to see everyone. This year, the regulations have relaxed, and under the policy of “living with the pandemic”, we had the opportunity to hold a physical expo again with all the student societies introducing themselves to everyone in a more exciting way after a year of recharging.”

It is hoped that through the expo, students will become more acquainted with their campus and find clubs of interest to join. In this way, the school can promote diverse campus characteristics while applying concepts of sustainable development to school affairs so that people of all ages can enjoy healthy lives and happy times by participating in clubs and activities they find fun and meaningful.