NPUST Welcomes Year of Rabbit with Plaque Unveiling for ‘Positive Energy’ Charging Station

Following the ten-day Chinese New Year holiday that ushered in the Year of the Rabbit, on January 30th, a Spring Festival gathering was held at the university Library and Conference Hall in conjunction with a plaque unveiling ceremony for the new “Positive Energy” charging station.

On the wall of the charging station, a banner created and donated by calligraphist, Li Kuoyang, was hung on display. In large writing, the artwork depicts the Chinese character “li”, which signifies energy, power or strength. Beneath this, a number of four-character expressions incorporating the word “li” are written, encouraging students, staff, faculty and the entire university to be studious, collaborative, enterprising and concerted.

The highlight of the gathering was the cute and energetic dance performance put on by the university kindergarteners. Their lively opening dance was followed by a number of other entertaining activities, such as the “a book holds a house of gold” quiz, and buffet lunch for the teachers and staff.

President Chin-Lung Chang said in his speech, “this year is the Year of the Rabbit—and the rabbit symbolizes good fortune. In the West, the rabbit also signifies new life and prosperity. So now, like rabbits, we can jump over all the unfavorable things of last year and welcome a new year and new atmosphere. When I assumed the role of university president, I was cautious and apprehensive as I began to experience many firsts. Today, I am here hosting the Spring Festival gathering for first time, as well. In the future, there will be many areas in which I will need your support”. He also added that “next year, NPUST will be 100 years old; and so we hope that on the eve of the school’s centennial anniversary, everyone will work together to take on challenges and join hands as we welcome this centennial honor”.

Former university president Chang-Hsien Tai also offered encouragement, stating “today, it was very touching to see the remodeling of the discussion area in the east side of the library. The character “energy” is representative of our school, and ‘just as the celestial bodies never run out of energy in their orbits, we should always strive to better ourselves’. Under the leadership of President Chang, NPUST will certainly flourish more as we stride towards becoming a centennial university”.