Inheriting 98 and Creating New Ideas

Under the leadership of the its new president, Chin-Lung Chang, this year NPUST adopted “inheriting 98 and creating new ideas” as the theme for its 98th Anniversary Celebration, with hopes of carrying forward its successes from the past and opening up the future to new innovations and creativity.   

The 3-day celebration began on Thursday (11/17) evening at 6:00, with an outdoor opening ceremony. On the following day, a variety of sporting events were scheduled, and results exhibitions opened up around campus to display some of the universities latest work. On Nov. 19th an Anniversary Ceremony and Awards Presentation was held at the university’s Library and Conference Hall, with President Chin-Lung Chang hosting the event. A number of VIPs were in attendance, including former NPUST president and current chairman of Jingwen University, Shan-Da Liu, Chairman of NPUST Alumni Association, Wei-Po Kuo, Representative of Papua New Guinea, Mr. Tommy Kambu Kunji, Director of Kaohsiung Branch of Manila Economic and Cultural Office, Ms. Irene S.Ng, R&D Director of Mapua University, Dr. Delia B. Senoro, and other representative of industry and academia.

On November 19th, from 9:00 am to 8:30 pm, some of the most popular activities for students ensued, including the Vibrant Garden Market, Grand Campus Tour, and the Harvest Music Concert. In addition to these, exhibits were set up around campus to put some of the recent successes of the university on show for everyone to see. These included results exhibitions for Department of Agriculture, the Technical and Agricultural Dreamers Project, student innovation and entrepreneurship projects, GreenMetric University Rankings, the Sprout Project, and more.