2022 Soil and Water Conservation Education Carnival held at Pingtung Civic Park

The NPUST Department of Soil and Water Conservation and the Pingtung County Government jointly organized the “Annual Soil and Water Conservation Education Carnival” on September 3rd (Sat) this year, and held educational activities for all ages.

The event, which brought together many government and research agencies from Pingtung, Kaohsiung and Tainan began at 9:30 am at the Pingtung Civic Park. Designed to be fun and educational, knowledge was shared at the event to enhance public awareness of conservation, disaster prevention, earthquake evacuation and more. The learning activities were brought into the community with the intention of crossing the barriers that are inherent to classrooms and textbooks. More than 300 people were expected to participate in the event, including government agencies, organizations, the general public, and students from primary school all the way through college.

At the park, information on soil & water conservation and landslide awareness was disseminated from a publicity vehicle, “The Bombers in the Mountains” told stories, and a smart action APP was used to facilitate learning in an outdoor classroom. Through the various mediums, visitors learned about fire safety, disaster prevention, rescue work, and land conservation—and both children and adults had the opportunity to join the ranks of soil and water conservationists and work together to protect Taiwan’s environment.