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" School performance. "

2018 World Green University Awards
Cheers magazine 2018 rated the school to achieve good results
Vision Magazine 2019 Best University
106 years of R&D and industry-university cooperation performance

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Nestled at the foot of Dawu Mountain, NPUST’s 300 hectare campus, with vast green pastures and stretches of lush tress, has a distinct beauty that changes with each of the four seasons and an elegance that has earned it the reputation of “National Park University.” Through the film, you will be taken to visit every part of the school.

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Introduction to Our Seven Colleges

Actively promote industry-university cooperation and cultivate cross-disciplinary talents with both humanities and professionalism, innovative thinking and international outlook.

College of Agriculture
College of Engineering
College of Management
College of Humanities and Social Sciences
International College
College of Veterinary Medicine
College of Professionals

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" Research results. "

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